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Monte ice cream powder

Monte Rosa is proud to be the market leader of ice cream powder in Vietnam, occupying nearly 70% market share. Ingredients imported from Italy with special blended formula produce ice creams that are moderately sweet but still retain the fineness, sponginess and specific taste of each type.

Ice cream powder is currently being distributed to the nationwide Lotteria fast food chain. Besides, ice cream powder also distribute to many restaurants & luxury hotels in major cities of Vietnam.

Monte Rosa Ice Cream Powder is an optimal solution for you to do home-made ice cream with simple preparation in accordance with the instructions printed on the packaging. You can buy ice cream powder packets with a weight of 1 kg to be able to make your own family and relatives enjoy.

What’s more amazing than the whole family makes cool ice cream & enjoy together.

ProteinFat Content
Green Beans6.8g15g
Passion Fruit>=4.8g>=14.5g
Green Tea>=4.7g>=14.6g

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