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Origin of monte rosa ice cream

Monte Rosa is the name of a range of mountains stretching from Piedmont – Aosta Valley in Italy to the Swiss region of Valais. The summit features year-round glittering snow and smooth foam that look like ice cream from afar. Besides, the carpet of roses spread from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, creating a pink color, harmonizing with the clear blue sky to create romantic and pure mountain scenery.

That is why Monte Rosa is named for the brand of pure ice cream combining milk and fruit, jams, beans, nuts. Founded in 1994, Monte Rosa is a professional ice cream maker and distributor, in accordance with Italian heirloom manufacturing methods. Only use pure raw materials of natural origin and carefully selected for import.

Currently, Monte Rosa is mentioned as an ice cream brand which is diversity with special cream lines and high nutritional value, balanced fat content with pure skimmed milk imported from New Zealand & fresh fruit carefully selected in Vietnam. Monte Rosa Ice Cream always puts food hygiene and safety criteria first.

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