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Ice cream derived from cold dessert was prepared for Roman emperor Nero when he ascended in the middle of the first century AD. At the party, he made everyone surprised by the strange dessert on the menu called Sweet Snow.

To make this strange and attractive dessert, Emperor Nero sent a man to the peak of the Apennine Mountain for fresh snow to marinate with honey, fruit and some other ingredients. Later on, this Sweet Snow is considered a precursor to ice cream now.


In the 13th century, Italian Marco Polo (1254 – 1324) considered as the founder of this famous dish – brought the recipe of frozen ice cream imported into Europe. During this period, ice cream was considered as a luxury dessert and a class among aristocrats. Chefs of the royal family or of the aristocratic families tried to protect and develop the processing skills that make up the diversity of ice cream. In the end, however, the recipe has been leaked and civilians have been using them so far.

Marco Polo, who was a noted explorer, traveled extensively throughout the world and during his journeys, he discovered eyeglasses, ice cream and spaghetti. However, until the 17th century, ice cream was recognized as a dish originating in Italy and today ice cream is a traditional dessert indispensable in every Italian family.
Why can we say Italian ice cream is the best?! Ice cream gourmets know that Italian ice cream is the world’s number one, famous for its strict rules and production processes. On the streets of Rome, ice cream parlors can be easily found throughout the city, which are also popular, where crowded queues are available for ice cream.

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